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Sabre RGB 10k - Mouse Wheel Scroll Stutter


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I recently purchased the Sabre RGB 10kdpi gaming mouse.

Super loved it until the mouse wheel developed a stutter.


Whenever I initiate a scroll (up OR down) the software? seems to read an approximate 8:1 ratio of advance to retreat.

In other words, every time I scroll down, for every 8 clicks of the mouse wheel there is one click that registers the scroll in the opposite direction.

Same thing occurs when I scroll upward.


I've force updated the firmware via Corsair Utility Engine twice now. I don't have a firmware image to revert to.

(One other issue: my Corsair Utility Engine isn't able to update. Not sure what version is current but I'm at 2.6.70. Subsequently, I'm running Firmware 2.04 for the mouse.)


1.thumb.JPG.06dfb8a4d4b678d6722a1687072943cd.JPG <Error message from CUE about Engine update failure


This stutter makes reading forums frustrating.


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Have you tried using compressed air around the scroll wheel?


Dust/Debris is known to cause what you are seeing but if its exactly every 8 clicks, There could be something wrong with the scroll wheel mechanism.



I have tried. Didn't have a straw on the end so, not sure how targeted the air was.

I'll try again and get back to diagnosing it



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I'm having a similar issue from a relatively new Scimitar (1-2 months old). it's been happening pretty much the whole time, and I was hoping a driver would be coming out soon to fix it, but I haven't seen anything yet.

Its not exactly every 8 for me. sometimes its 5 clicks, sometimes its 30 clicks, but its a very frequent problem and starting to give me a headache

Hoping we find a solution soon

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