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Anyone play the new Unreal Tournament?

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So, I just updated my copy of the newest Unreal, and to my surprise the game has a built in CUE of some kind. It highlights the main buttons, changes color depending if you're on blue or red team, and the coolest thing of all is that is color on the number keys changes depending if you've picked up the weapon assigned to it. So say I haven't picked up the Rocket Launcher, the 9 key remains off, once I picked it up, it lights up red. And each gun has its own color assigned to it as well, so even if I don't know that 5 is the pulse rifle, I DO know it's the green button.


Are there any other profiles like this? I'd love to have a profile for other games that lets me know if I have certain items/weapons.


Or even how would one get the keyboard to do that? My mind was a little bit blown if you couldn't tell. lol

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