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Corsair HX750i making chirping noise


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About four months ago I bought Corsair HX750i.


From the moment I have installed it in my silent PC setup, I constantly hear chirping sound. At first I thought it was caused by one of my Noctua fans, but it turned out it was my brand new Corsair PSU!

I read on this forum that the sound in some of the cases wear down in time, but four months have passed and this thing is driving me nuts.

The noise it makes is constant, under load or idle - even when the fan is not spinning.


You can check the noise it makes here: [ame]



Question that I have, is there anything I can do to make it go away before the RMA?


PS. This PSU was not cheap and I will not accept explanation "this is coil sound and it's normal." Crorsair is better than this ...

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