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Memory to use for MSI K8T Neo2-F


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While on MSI's website, I checked into compatible memory and I have been looking at Corsair since I seen how well it ran in a model at Fry's.


After I followed the link to Corsair's site, it reccomended this page:




which calls out for a totally different memory then what I was looking at earlier.




I am an exteme gamer and run 2 accounts on the same PC for everquest and plan on going to everquest 2 eventually which is high demand for fast memory and chip.


Will the second memory run on the MSI motherboard? or am I stuck with the first reccomendation?


Thanks in advance.



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XMS3200C2 is on that list and you should be fine with them. The Pro version is with activity LED's but the memory would be the same as long as they are XMS3200C2.




Thanks for the information, I would hate to go thru as much problems as I have seen with most of the posts regarding MSI Neo MBs. :biggrin:

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