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got another HXC for my missing pump, so with the spare parts got thinking an used the extra rad placed outside my second floor window with plumping insulation over over 3/8" tubing. left on the old picese tube on quick connector a perfect fit, with temps now outside -10c 20c the before cpu was 41c now is 35c with flow going to extra rad then CPU WB nocticed a little misting on it so add a small fan near CPU to keep from condensening. room @ 24c under load temps

39c before was 48c from MB

reading HCX is 22.5c was 29c

notice also used dielectric grease on the CPU socket

an took 2 more liters of fluid

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i added some non-conducting thermal paste an shim now

cpu temp 24c

room temp of 26c

while hcx reports 16.5c

outside rad temp -10

i noticed it won't read anything below 12c

with the 2 hcx WB's, extra rad + 20ft of tubing flow is 20% slower an pump working harder had to add another PSU for hcx for my main 300watt PSU didn't have enough push

GPU runs 15c with card ambiant 25c, games 17c core


after an hour of online D3


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