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Problems with H100i GTX


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In last 6 months I have problem with H100i GTX V1 that under load temps goes very quckly to over 70°C and coolant is in 40°+.

I replaced few times nt-h1 paste and reseated varmplate but nothing helps.

When CPU is @default temeperature of CPU is around 60°C under load and coolant is around 42°C.

When CPU is @4.6GHGz and under load temperature of processor goes to 82.5°C and coolant @44°C+ and computer shutsdown.

Is it posible that pump or coolant is problem?

In first year it runs processor @4.8GHz and temperature never goes over 70°C.

MB: Asus M5A-99XEVO

CPU: FX8350

Case: Phanteks Enthoo PRO

Fans: Front Phanteks 200mm, back Phanteks 140mm, down Akasa 140mm and on top Corsair radiator with push out vents.

Also 80mm vent pushes air on mosfet cooler and slim noctua 120mm on the back mosfets. In attachment are pictures of corsair link status.




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It appears you have some type of flow restriction preventing the coolant from circulating at the necessary rate. Your H100iGTX Temp in link should be more or less the case temp at idle, which is generally 4-6C above room temp. In your one non-load shot this around 35C. If you are in a warm room, that might not be too far off the mark. If this was after load, then that is an expected.


Rather than run load, the better test is turn it off or put it to sleep for long enough for everything to come back to room temperature. Then boot/wake and watch the H100i GTX temp. It should very slowly creep up 4-6C over 5-10 minutes. If it shoots right up to the mid-30's in 30-60 seconds, than there is some type of flow problem and you need to replace/RMA the cooler.

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This seems to be the day for partial blockages. If you had your fans at minimum with a dust filter in a poor airflow case, I might explore other avenues. However, if you are blasting your fans at 2000 at idle and your water temp is still +10C over the case, something is wrong. I am afraid you need to RMA or replace the unit.


You likely have a similar problem to some of the other posters at the top of Cooling forum. Some type of partial blockage is restricting the flow of coolant. The only other possible explanation for this kind of thing is when the radiator cannot shed its heat through blockage by a THICK carpet of dust, filter, case or sealed plastic shield (yes, sometimes that doesn't get taken off). However, I suspect it is the former.

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I am experiencing this issue right now. Though my voltage on my 5930k is on a high side (1.275v) and my fans are at 1000+ RPM (4x in push/pull), but I will try the usual re-apply, re-seat, re-plug fans to other headers, and maybe re-position the RAD,/pump to put less stress on the tubing.


Thank you c-attack for the input and to the OP as I found your thread.



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Gabby131 - What kind of H100i Temp (coolant temp) do you see in Link? Are you also in the 40's? Try the cold boot/wake test above before you put in too much work on remounting. I am also running 1.275v on my 5930K and while I have a H110, there should be some easy comparisons to make.
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