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As of now, I'm pretty much out of ideas. I've played with every macro setting I can think of, recording vs direct input, keypress vs keystroke, etc.


Some games are just not registering side-button key presses as existing. For Example, Witcher 3 will *sometimes* detect 1+2 buttons being pressed for drawing swords. By sometimes I mean, I have to rapid-fire press those buttons until it works (count: 8-22 presses before detection).


I'm unsure why this works this way. I'm about ready to return the mouse, at this point. The software is barely intuitive, with little description of what anything actually means. (For example: What is the flag symbol when under advanced settings, and what does it do?)


Please, help me. I'd love it if my $80 mouse actually did anything useful. (The DPI buttons continue to act as DPI buttons, not back/forward buttons, in browsers as well. What?)

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It's the same game, the Witcher3. I was playing GW2 for a while and the software worked fine with macros. I had only one issue there : the mouse would stop working when at certain crafting stations. It would resume when calling task manager. Just having it pop up would do the trick (still weird but well, beats having to reboot ^^)


Macros didn't work in the Witcher, I tried a few keystrokes, not much better. Running it as an admin didn't help, system settings seemed all okay. I had a closer look yesterday and decided to uninstall CUE2, manually cleaned the registry, then did a clean reinstall in Windows 10 safe mode of a previous version 2.6.79. (You'll need SAFEMsi to do that in safe mode as windows won't run the installer).


Macros still wouldn't work, Remap Keys/keystroke/function keys etc however worked like a charm. I don't know if it's the clean install or just using a previous version, but it was worth a try.


I'm reluctant to upgrade to the current version now that I finally got it working.

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