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Not connecting to my PC


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PC type (if even important):

Lenovo Ideacentre Y700 - Windows 10



So I've had my K95 RGB for about 4 months now and it worked just fine. A few days ago I simply restarted and when it started up again, the keyboard stopped working. I have a spare keyboard just in case this kind of problem was going to happen so I'm currently using that. I've tried every method I could find online but I simply cannot find a single solution to the problem.


Methods I've tried but failed:

NOTE: I've restarted my PC after each method to see if it would help.


Method 1 - Making sure my keyboard drivers and CUE are up to date.


Method 2 - Unplugging the keyboard, reinstalling CUE then plugging the keyboard back.


Method 3 - Unpluging the keyboard, switching between the 4 BIOS options on the back of the keyboard then plugging the keyboard back in.


Method 4 - Removing ALL the keyboard drivers (even the hidden ones) Restarting my computer with a basic keyboard plugged in for a restore of the basic drivers I've had at the beginning of using my PC.


Method 5 - If using USB 3.0 port, the connector with the keyboard icon would be plugged in. If using USB 2.0 port, the connector with the two arrows would be plugged in followed by the second connector with the keyboard icon in a second USB 2.0 port.


Ideas: the only thing that comes to mind is giving my PC a whole reset, but the thing is I have 40 games installed which 30 of them are big popular games with a lot amount of GB each. Resetting my PC would make it hard for me to get all the games installed again, especially for the games with a lot amount of GB.

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Does the keyboard show any signs of life? Can you type on it? Any lights on?

Is the keyboard detected in Windows (Devices and Printers) and the BIOS?


The keyboard lights up wave mode (which is the basic one if not using CUE).

Sometimes the lights changes to white and red which is also a profile i have on CUE, so what i think it doing is its connecting to CUE but then disconnects seconds after.


The buttons won't work at all, which is what i'm trying to figure out why.


The keyboard doesn't show up in "Devices and Printers", and how do i get into BIOS to check that out?


I think the PC doesn't know that the keyboard is connected even tho it is. something might be blocking it from connecting properly.

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It sounds like the keyboard is in demo mode.


Press the ESC key while plugging the keyboard in. This should exit demo mode and the keyboard should start functioning.



Thank you so much, that actually worked. When i was shutting down my PC i just placed my headset on the keyboard. Because the keyboard needs so light push to press a button, the headset might of pressed down the ESC button while the PC was shutting down. Makes sense now, thank you.

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