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Pressing two keys at the exact same time is almost impossible.


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Hello! I recently got me a K95 keyboard. It's my first mechanical keyboard so I'm still figuring out all the differences from my old Logitech G110.


One thing that I have noticed, that is starting to become a bit annoying, is that it is super hard to make two inputs at the exact same time with this keyboard for some reason.


To explain what I mean by that, it is not that I cannot make simultaneous input, but rather making the inputs so that my computer registers them at the exact same time.


Many games that I play require me to do moves like "W + Space" at the exact same time. If either inputs happen slightly before the other, it doesn't work.


One way to test this is to try to press two letter keys at the exact same time.


If you manage to press and hold them at the exact same time, it will look like this:




If you can't press and hold them at the exact same time, it will look something like this:




On my old G110 I can get the first result 10/10 times, it's really easy. On my new K95, I can only do it maybe 1/15 tries.


I've been thinking that it might have something to do with the polling rate. If the K95 has a super high polling rate, it will make it harder to do these precise double inputs, right? Because it checks the key states more often.


Well, this probably a very obscure problem. I'm just hoping someone can explain why I'm having these issues and maybe suggest some solution.

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