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Who to contact to use the Corsair K95 layout for custom keyboard?

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So, I am in the process of designing a custom keyboard, sort of a mod if you will. I'd like to make something that has a layout like the K95 or the Logitech G510. I would just go gung ho and do it, but I don't want any legal trouble for copying their layout because I plan to sell kits for the design once I'm finished on Kickstarter. I plan to also design a custom injection molded case for it, but one of the Kickstarter tiers will be simply to get the guts to put into a K95, so who do I need to contact at Corsair to use the layout?


EDIT: I do not plan to 100% rip off the K95. That would just be unethical and I doubt Corsair would allow that. The only thing I plan to copy is the Keyboard layout.

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