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Has Corsiar considered modular/DIY switches


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Has Corsair considered moving their keyboard product lines to modular/DIY switches?


These are consumer replaceable switches, not soldered in. Some low end mechanical keyboards have started to sport these. They are held in place by the plastic switch case snapping into the top plate, and some tension from the sip socket and are removed by a puller similar to a keycap puller. They support Cherry MX and the compatibles.


Corsiar has a lot of keyboard lines with a few switch options leading to a lot of active SKUs. Too many for B&M stores to handle. But, still it is not enough. People have been asking for speeds/silents/etc on lines that dont have them and will probably never see Plus Cherry keeps coming out with more switch types, black silents are the latest. They have close to 30 in current production.


Corsiar could sell the keboard, either "naked" or with a switch pack, also selling switch packs seperately. You can sell switch sampler packs too. I think this would simplify several inventory issues and open up all kinds of options. K65 lux with nature whites. Even weird combinations, K70 lux with silent red switches, wasd speed switches, blue modifiers, and green spacebar/functions.


Certain repairs would become trivial. No more RMA for corsair to desolder some defective/chattering/gunked etc switch. Just a 20cent consumer replaceable part. LED fixes would be cheaper/faster on Corsairs end too.

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