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Issue between HX1000i and Carbide 540 air case.


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While it is my first build, I had an experienced friend suggest the list of parts to me and he assured to me that they were compatible. I was under the assumption that my power supply would be fine with this particular case but I ran into an issue when mounting it.


It's upside down.


More specifically, if I were to put it in the case so that the name tag, AC port, and rear of the device where right side up, the fan would be smashed into a panel inside of the case, rather than adjacent to the vents on the side wall built for that exact fan.


I honestly didn't look into the compatibility myself before ordering these components to see if this type of issue would arise but I was under the impression that they wouldn't make a product that wasn't compatible in this manner. Even now checking the page for power supply comparability it only says "ATX (not included.)" The HX1000i is ATX but I'm having this weird issue. It fits perfectly in the housing it just does not efficiently make sense with the fan being on the wrong side.


Do I need to return the power supply and get a new one or am I being silly and can't realize why?

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