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CMX512-3200 LLPT one stick bad..


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Abit AG8 uguru MB with latest bios

3.6 p4 prescott lga775 800fsb


ok well i first noticed there was a problem when i attempted to use a program called quickpar and what it does is test your memory before repairing a given file, well this time it said fault in memory. Never happened before, so I checked the memory using windows memory checker and one stick checks out perfect every time and the other passes one test and none of the others. System is stable using both.. for now... but i do get some random restarts and such... i have all the settings in my bios at default. Any help is appreciated.

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Wired... quickpar would not run at all, it kept giving me the error, but after i removed that one sticked it worked perfect.


RamGuy... Bios is in optimized default.. I dont know if this is from the memory or not but most of the time when I turn off the power(flip the switch) and i try to turn it back on it starts to go but before it shows the abit logo it will shut off and i have to turn it on again and then it will kick in and load up, saying it is on fail-safe settings... kind of weird..


Cpu 3600

Ext. Clock 204



Cpu 1.3875

DDR 2.6

NB 1.5







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Ok well I put the voltage to 2.7 because 2.75 wasn't available... tested each individually... one stick gives no errors at all... the other has more than 2,000 errors before 50% of first pass is done. Oddly enough when i run the test with both sticks in I get way more errors... as in 3,000 by 30% of the first pass. Anything I can do or is it RMA time? I purchased these through newegg and can rma through them... or you... whichever is easier
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