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So just got a Corsair Keyboard for the first time. Installed software and firmware fine. When I open the CUE, I can mess around with the lights.


However, when I go to download a new profile, the only option to download for is the DEMO POLARIS...which is not the device I have. No other options show up in the drop-down menu.


On the top of the screen, 3 of the 4 have DEMO before them, but the K70 LUX is displayed and its settings work - any ideas why it won't let me download profiles for it?

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I don't see that as an option anywhere under global settings...i can just adjust the brightness levels.


I've also noticed that the only color option for the keyboard is Red or some variant...no where to change the color.


I am guessing something is not working right?


Oh, there are no profiles for your keyboard which is non RGB. So nothing will show up.


do you not see a box that says "Show only connected devices"?

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