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Keys outputting random text/ Scroll lock toggles on/off


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Here is a video that shows the issue (sorry for the quality)




  • I've tested with CUE both on and off
  • I've tested on two separate machines
  • I've noted that it seems to resolve itself after plugging another keyboard into that machine for some time
  • Restarting the machine doesn't resolve it
  • It happens randomly upon boot up
  • I've also tried different polling rates with the switch on the back of the keyboard


For those that didn't watch the video essentially the issue is random text is output after I reboot if I type the letter P or the . symbol.


That said hitting enter in the main part of the keyboard also toggles scroll lock.


Hitting the enter in the 10 key on the right hand side does not.


Any ideas or should I just RMA? I bought it less than a month ago for the holidays.

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