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No boot-now what


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Hi, I have 2 CMX512-3200C2 modules that I purchased from Thompsons Computer Wharehouse in Tampa,Florida. They were a large local and online computer parts supplier, but unfortunatly they went out of business. I bought these about 4-5 months ago for a computer I was slowly buying parts to assemble. I finally completed purchasing all the parts and finished the assembly only to find the system would not boot up. After re-checking everything with no luck I replaced the memory with 2 512 modules from one of my other systems and Problem solved. Entered BIOS and set memory for pc3200. Then I shut down and tried re-installing the Corsair XMS sticks again but no luck. After trying switching slots and reversing order I found that the system would boot off of one of the modules but not the other one. However, the system would still have so many errors that I could not install the operating system. That same system is running perfect with 2 other 512 sticks of PC3200 for one week now. I also tried the XMS sticks in 2 of my other computers that can run PC3200 and got the same results, 1 stick would not boot and the other would error out.I would like to get these checked by Corsair to confirm if they are good or bad. What should I do next?The System the were for is an Asus K8V-SE deluxe,Athlon 64-3400,Dual WD Raptor drives-Raid-0, ATI 9000 pro 128 meg video. No operating system was present to start but other computers they were tried in have XP Pro.
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