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CUE Macros won't work HELP !


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Hello everyone !

I have a problem with CUE install and macros.It all started when I got a M65 PRO RGB and started to download CUE latest version it got to 60%''installing driver'' and then it froze and few seconds later my whole PC froze. I read from the forums that other people had the same problem. I saw some one in the forums getting around it by downloading it with another computer then bringing the files to the main PC via cd,dvd,flashdrive etc. So I got it to work but the macros weren't working and I didn't mind that at first. After a couple weeks of using my new mouse and I thought that I will do the rest of my setup as a ''Corsair setup''(case,ram,keyboard etc.). So i was looking a new keyboard to myself and I found the K95 RGB and thought ''that's perfect for me because it has so many macro keys''. I'm a gamer/editor/programmer so I need a lot of macro keys. So the problem is that there is no use to buy the K95 RGB if I cant use macros. There is a error message when I open CUE ''MACRO EXECUTION UNAVAILABLE

Corsair Utility Engine macro execution is not working properly.

Please repair installation of Corsair Utility Engine.''

What should I do please help !

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Problem is unsolved to my knowledge - devs completely ignore it or tell you to "uninstall and reinstall". I'd trash it if I were you, no software program for a mouse with multiple buttons as its selling point should ever be this difficult. I feel completely ripped off.


Its Christmas break the devs are off. Have you contacted Corsair Support?

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