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Memory module bad for second time!?


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I think I may have another bad module. :eek: I recieved a new memory module (VS512MB266) after rma'ing a bad module back to corsair. I have had the new replacement module for about two weeks and the same sort of problems that I had before are starting to show up again. Games dump out to the desktop, my computer restarts right in the middle of a game. Bios will scan the memory chip and sometimes reports ram failure.


I tested the new module with Microsofts Windows Memory Diagnostic when I first recieved the new module and it passed the extended tests without any errors. Now the module tests with the following results: With 22 passes of extended tests WMATS+ 2 Failures MATS+ 1 failure (9 hours of testing) This is with the module in Channel B DIMM 0.


With another 3 passes of extended tests: ERAND 4 failures, Stride6 (Cache disabled) 2 failures. This is with the module in Channel A DIMM 0.


If this new module follows the same trend as the last module things will slowly get worse.


Sometimes the module will pass through the bios ram check other times it will not, right now I am using the computer that the ram is in typing this message and running a virus scan and everthing is fine. But if I start pushing the system or gaming watch out!


My System and settings follow below:


Intel D865 PERL Motherboard

Intel P4 2.4 GHz with stock fan and artic silver paste

System Bus 400 MHz

One module of VS512MB266 RAM

PNY GeForce 6800GT 256 MB

Antec Neo Power 480Watt Power Supply with 120mm exhaust fan

2 80mm intake fans at full speed one lower front one over video card

1 80mm exhaust fan at full speed in back under power supply

40x CD-ROM Drive

3.5 Inch Floppy Drive

Antec Performance Plus Series PLUS660B-Mini Tower Case


Bios Config:

Advanced, Chipset Configuration

Extended configuration [Default] (auto sets the following)

SDRAM freq [auto] (266)

CPC override [auto]

SDRAM timing [auto]

SDRAM RAS active pre[6]

SDRAM CAS# latency [2.5]

SDRAM RAS# to CAS# dealy [3]

SDRAM RAS# precharge [3]


My module is numbered VS512MB266 817 0445034-1 001322


Did my rma number R66417 module test bad? I assume it did if corsair sent a new module that I am using now.


Please let me know what to do :!:

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I tested the module overnight with Windows Memory Diagnostic:


16 passes of extended tests and only one error: MATS+ (Cache disabled) 1 error.


Before the test I played far cry for 3 hours without any problems.


I was wondering if I have a electrical contact problem for oxidization on the module contacts and motherboard slot. Should I use a contact enhancer? I have heard that contat enhancer can solve a lot of memory problems, if so what kind of contact enhancer should I use?

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