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I think my H110i GT is dead?


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So I've been using this cooler for over a year now and everything has been great, even with overclocking.

Temps were around 30C idle and 60-65C max load on my i7 6700K.


Yesterday I noticed my CPU temperatures were a little high playing Overwatch (60-80C)

I immediately shutdown my PC and disabled all overclocks after 5 minutes of cooling down.


I checked the cooler to make sure it was connected properly and even reseated it.

I found out that the radiator no longer heats up, only cool air blows from the fans...which in the middle of Summer is not normal at all.


Furthermore I noticed the actual 'Corsair' RGB logo quickly flashes on and off every 20-30 seconds.



At this stage I have no idea if my pump is blocked, or if it's not working at all?

In CorsairLink I can adjust the fan speed and Pump speed without any issues. I get all readings.



Can someone please tell me on what I should be doing from here?

I would rather try troubleshoot(basic) this myself first than go to a computer store or RMA the unit.


How can I tell if the water is actually moving from the pump to radiator?

If it is blocked is there anyway I could unblock it myself?

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Ok so I uploaded a picture with semi idle temps and one with overwatch in the background.

I didn't leave overwatch on for a long time....maybe 1-2 minutes in game and exited the game. In case I harm my CPU.


If I need to do more, i'll do so, but hopefully this is enough?



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Given the coolant temperature of 44.6°C I expect there is some sort of blockage. Request an RMA via https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp and see what they say. Remember to upload the invoice.


I also noticed CL4 failed to report your AMD Radeon temperatures and all the motherboard temperatures and fan speeds so advise you to also ask them to fix CL4 so that it does.


What motherboard do you have? (Add your PC specs to your profile).


If you run my SIV utility I expect the [status] panel will report all the information that is missing from CL4.



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Looking in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118371 you will see Corsair specify AI Suite and CL should not be used at the same time. If you choose to do this you are almost asking for issues.


As you have failed to post the SIV screen I specified I can't comment further, but suspect the issue is not down to a conflict with AI Suite.


I can't comment on MSI Afterburner as I don't know what it's reporting for your system

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I have to ask:

Have you recently taken the cooler out, the fans off of it, and used a can of compressed air to clean out the radiator fins? (Suggest you take the radiator outside to do this, and that you have a tube of thermal compound to replace the compound already between the pump and your cpu because you'll want to wipe that clean.)

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