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Corsair RAM in my Dell400SC


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i recently bought a VS1GBKIT4000 package from newegg.com. I then removed my 128 stick and installed the ram so that it would run in dual channel mode into my Dell 400SC pc. The bios recognized it at 400mhz and dual channel. The computer booted fine. But after about 30 min of use the computer froze and the mouse didn't respond. I had to manually reboot. And ever since my computer has been freezing on me the same way. Sometimes it stays on for 24 hours and sometimes 24 minutes before it freezes. Any help would be great because i would rather fix this problem before i resort to returning my RAM.
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Each "stick" of memory is a module.


What he means to do is this:


Physically REMOVE one of the modules and leave only ONE module in the computer.


When you reboot, hit "DEL" or "F2" or whatever it says to enter BIOS.


In the BIOS options should be something that says, "Load Setup Defaults."


Do that, then save and exit.


When you reboot, test it with a program called Memtest86+.


This program must be run on your system from Windows while a blank floppy disk is in the drive. It will write itself onto the disk, then when you reboot, it'll boot from the disk and test the memory.


It runs an INFINITE loop of tests, so when it says it's completed 3 full passes of tests, then you can stop it. Just look to see if there are errors listed on the bottom of the Memtest screen.


If no errors appear, shut down your computer, remove the memory module, then replace it with the other module, but still leave ONLY ONE module in your computer.


Reboot with the floppy disk and run the tests on this module.


If no errors come up on this one, shut down the computer again, then put the other module into the computer right beside it's twin so you have TWO modules installed and boot with the floppy again, run the tests again.




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i tested both sticks one at a time and then both together and everything passed with no errors. after that i set my bios settings back to factory. except for the bootsequence and i disabled hyperthreading. my computer hasnt froze yet but i know its only a matter of time.


oh and im not sure if this matters but i used v3.2 of memtest. not sure if that matters.

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there is no option to disable ecc. i requested a compatibility listing for my computer and the ram guy answer back saying:


Thank you for your interest in our products. It looks like your Poweredge

400SC uses ECC modules and the VS1GBKIT400 is a non-ECC set of modules. The

correct module to use would be our CM72SD512-3200. This is a 512MB module

that has ECC built in. I hope this helps you!


so i guess my only option is to return my ram.

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This system is based on Intel I875 chipset and will or should be able to run ECC or non ECC as long as you are not mixing them. I think the information you got from that email is based on what comes with your system. You are not mixing the memory correct?
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