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One key is purple when set all white


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I just noticed this issue with my strafe when setting all the keys white the M key has more of a purple tint noticeable, or on a yellow key background it looks orange, I did update the CUE software a few days ago, dunno if that had anything to do with it, keyboard is on firmware 2.05, I tried to reset it (hold esc while plugging in), but still the same.


nothing else is wrong with the kb so I really don't want to rma it, and only one key has this issue, other darker colors it's fine like red.blue,green.


I take very good care of this keyboard (covered, shut lights off when not in use ..etc), ideas?, I opened a support ticket too.


there was this issue about a week ago where the cue software somehow got corrupted and caused my pc to hard lock, and I also lost a most of my cue profiles, then I uninstalled cue and upgraded to the latest version, now I noticed this key issue - it might be mere coincidence but who knows.

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Have you tried reflashing it via CUE? Does it change anything?


From my experience, The one time its happened to me, The led seemed to fix by itself randomly. So it may be best to wait as Corsair will be closed.


yeah I tried resetting it, re-flashed the firmware (through cue), hard reset and manual flashing procedure as directed by support, but key is still off, I also tried several usb ports, usb 2 and usb3


not sure what else to try , I can get the key white enough if I set the color manually to (rgb)

163 255 255 , but this is just a work around and would require editing every profile that uses white on that key, same with editing the orange / yellow colors


I'll try running the kb with pure white over the next few days maybe it will fix it-self.








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That color is magneta.

The RGB LED seems to be weak on the green channel.

What happens when you set it to 0,255,0 ? (R,G,B?), and then compare 255,0,0 and 0,0,255 ?


Red Green and Blue all match perfectly , just the white or light yellows / oranges had the issue..


I did discover something interesting though, I pulled the spacebar off and hooked a suction vacuum to the open slot for about 10 seconds, then I turned the LED's to white again and somehow the key is not as noticeable now it's still slightly off but white looks white with just a tiny hint of red but not something you would pick out (before it was very noticeable)


so I am thinking there a few scenarios

A. Sloppy soldering during the manufacturing process leaving a capacitive trace or loose solder balls shorting out the led .


B. Dust somehow got underneath and was capacitive enough to cause the LED to mess up (I use a KB cover so odd dust would cause this issue this fast considering its only a few months old), and it's winter time so not much dust to start with.


C. ??



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yeah man. Instead of trying to update everything first, try this;

get close to affected keys with your face and...blow it out hard. :) its dust.

Or, its heating up, changing slightly and affecting hues. either way, blowing it off works for me.


Just made this account to post that this actually worked, noticed my K key having a orange hue, used some compressed air to blow at it after reading this and boom it went back to normal colors! Thanks!!!

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