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CMX512RE-3200LL (v2.1 &v1)


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I have one of each version (due to time between purchasing)



AMD Athlon 2500+ xp @1.65V 159MHz

Aopen AK79D-1394 Mobo





When I install the two modules, the computer never starts up. Nothing happens but a blank screen and the monitor never recognizes the computer is on.


Currently I am running 2 x CMX256A-3200C2 and everything is peachy.


My guess is most likely due to different versions. Also http://www.memtest.org has only confused me more, as it is not clear to me how to even run memtest and I am left with a .iso file that just sits on the desktop.

Please Help...I have a feeling I should be able to get these to work.

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