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CX750 powering GTX1070-8G


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Hello. I've recently upgraded my 2013 Dell XPS 8700 with a new Corsair CX750 power supply. The reason was to power a new GTX1070-8G video card to enable me to run an HTC Vive VR system. When I powered the system on, I got 5 short beeps and no video. I reseated things tried again, and had the same results. On a whim, I tried one more time and got video! Since then, I've only had the 5 beeps once, and have successfully restarted with the new video card a half dozen times. (I'm using the new video card now.) I'm wondering if I chose the wrong power supply for this application? Will it be flakey? The CX750 is new enough that I could still return it. If this is the wrong PSU, can someone recommend a better/more robust one? Thanks. Ted
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