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CUE2 Ripple travel distance


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I have searched around and have found no answers, but is it possible to configure CUE2 Key Ripple to travel a certain distance?


It would be great if I can press a key and have the ripple effect travel shorter distance to say 3-4 more keys instead of the current whole keyboard setup.


eg. if I press G it'll travel to K or S and stop there.



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You can achieve this by adjusting the Lighting Time, Velocity, and Tail. Works very well at Lighting Time = .1, Velocity = 50.0, and Tail = 5.0. Of course that all depends on the specific effect you are trying to achieve. Depending on how you setup the colors of the ripple the above listed times will create the appearance of a spark or flash at each key press. (You also need to have it setup to only run on keypress, shutoff after 1 time, and play effect from key pressed.)
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