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Problems binding DELETE key in Premiere Pro


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When I bind the Delete key to a G-key it works in every software, exept in Premiere Pro where it starts typing dots in "Playhead position"


It works as it should if I go into the configuration and checks "Hardware playback", but then none of my other games profiles work. And it's to much of a hassle to go in and out of configuration just to use an editing software. And I shouldn't have to.


The only fix I have discovered is that if I turn off "Num Lock", the keybinding works. But then again, I use the number keypad to much to turn it off and on every time I'm deleting a clip.


So now my "Delete" hotkey bind is "num lock->delete->num lock"


Which works. So it's a fix, but does anyone else have the same problem or know how to properly fix it?



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Can you please provide us with the CUE build and the firmware version on your keyboard.

Have you tried recreating the profile by making a new profile?

Also if possible can you test this with Premiere Pro on another computer?

Oh and where is this hardware playback option that you see?

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The Hardware Playback option is in the Corsair Keyboard configuration

The problem isn't in the profile. It's the same on another computer



USB Keyboard:

VID: 0x1B1C

PID: 0x1B08

Manufacturer: Corsair

Product: Corsair K95 Keyboard

Firmware: 1.15

Windows: Windows 10 Home 64 bit

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