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Corsair Strafe GRB Silent 1 key other color


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I have a problem with my brandnew keyboard.

When i select white color for all keys, the capslock has a other color than white.


Is this a hardware failure ?

Or can this be solved by software ?


What i already did:


- Delete CUE software and all profiles

- Tried other usb ports

- Tried on another pc

- Reflashed firmware


CUE Version 2.7.78

Firmware 2.05


I read here about a reset switch somwhere under the 2 feets on the underside, but i don't have that reset swich i think



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You have reflashed the firmware but did not hard reset the keyboard?

Open a ticket and contact support, there indeed isnt a button to hard reset it, instead it's a combination of sorcery, they will help you out, if hard resetting doesn't fix it they will rma

Given you're within the warranty period.



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