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2X512 Defect ?


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I ve a 2X512 Mb of 3200 Cl2 kit but since a time, i didn't want to go...


This kit was ok since last week and then, the computer did'nt start anymore...

I've tried to change this kit with another corsair kit and with other brand of memory too...

With other memory, the computer boots without problem...

I 've put this kit on another computer and then, he didn't start anymore as well..

Black screen is the only result i can have with my kit...

I think he is defect...

help me plz

Sorry for my english, i come from belgium and i speak french


It is second time i post but first time i didn t find the bild...Now i ve found it..

To send u bcak thememory. I need a RMA Number ? who give it to me ?

Tx a lot.

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