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750D Airflow Power LED


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When I first built my PC my power LED(the left one) was working fine without any issue. A few months a go I noticed it started to become dimmer and at times it would go out, I really didn't think much of it because eventually it stopped going out. However recently I've noticed it's been happening again but this time I see it only happens when I turn it on like it takes a minute to warm up and then it works fine, if I power down my PC and turn it back on it does not do it again only if I wait a good amount of time to turn it on again. Out of curiosity I switched the HDD LED and the Power LED connections and it seems that the HDD LED is working fine which leads me to believe it is either a bad LED or a bad connection with the wire. I don't think it could be a PSU issue or Motherboard issue or else I'd probably be seeing other problems right? I mean my MOBO has LED's and those always seem fine. Has anyone else run into LED issues with Corsair cases?
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I just bought a 750D case and found the same issue, the power light went out when in windows 10 when settled in desk top, but was all ok while booting up the hard drive flicker as it should and power light on as it should.

The two software programs that ended up the problem was and you wont believe it.

it was the corsair link program and it was the latest version, also my MSI Gamer App, I uninstalled them and all's ok power light full on as it should and a flickering hhd light as it should.

So my concussion are Corsair link needs a update to correct this issue

Hope this helps, please try uninstalling it first also if you have MSI gamer app too you will find your lights will work perfectly.

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I get the same effect with my 750D power LED and recall other posts about this issue such as http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=873894


All in all this seems like yet another Corsair design/specification fault to me as many 750D cases seem to have this issue.


Yeah it's definitely a defect, I had mine go dim (power light) twice so far, under warranty corsair replaced the whole panel that has the usb, power, hdd /pwr led, reset, audio with a new penel (wish they would just replace the LED or send a few of them since the whole panel was unnecessary), issue was fixed for awhile but I'd say about 3 months later the LED was dim again for the power light,


I paid no attention to it for a few more months and today fed up looking at the dim light I swapped the old HDD led from my previous panel to the Power Led (and swapped the little clip so it said power led) - now it's good as new at least for a few more months until this one goes out too, I will probably go with an aftermarket LED soon if this one fails so I was hoping someone had some suggestions.


Does anyone know good aftermarket LED that might be a good replacement? I've seen these led's before and look like a standard size, I noticed it has a capacitor in the wire too



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