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Need X99 mounting standoffs for H110i GT


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I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have misplaced the standoffs that screw into each corner of the socket for the cooler to secure to for an H110i GT. This is the GT model and not the GTX model. This particular model is no longer available but looks to be rebadged as simply the H110i on Newegg. What used to be the H110i GTX now appears to be the H115i.


At any rate, I need the 4 standoffs for the X99 socket for an H110i GT. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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H110i GT is CoolIt design so this here should do the trick:



It's the whole kit--backplate, top-plate, thumbscrews and both types of Intel standoffs. They don't sell the standoffs by themselves so looks like you have to get the entire kit.

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