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The program (CUE) is incomplete compared to the 1st version


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I bought VOID Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset and I find the sound really mediocre especially in Dolby, in stereo by modifying some options I come to a correct sound but why not go back to the far more complete drivers?


I think this cue version is really poor in options compare to any 1st driver.





First you had lowered the decibels in the new version before we had + 20db and now + 12db maximum, And it was the community that had to find a solution to increase the gain of the microphone and headphones with "EqualizerAPO"




Or even resume this version which is much more complete than cue




Watch this version completely purify And the doblby option that no longer serves anything, just to make a sound all cavernous




Please corsair made something for a more complete drivers thank you



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