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M65 PRO RGB noisy scroll wheel


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I have searched for a while and haven't found any solid answer about this problem.

So I recently bought K70 Rapidfire and M65 Pro for my daily keyboard and mouse. I'm now in the process of replacing K70 because of the faulty key.


I'm a bit concerned about my M65 now. It does this loud clicky noise when scrolling UP half of the time (scrolling down works perfectly smooth).

There are few threads about this problem.. I also found

(guess non Pro models have similar scroll wheels) so a lot of people having this issue.

Yet I didn't find any official response from Corsair. Also some people report they are still having the same problem after they RMAd their mouse.

Should I be worried and send it back to retailer for replacement together with a keyboard? Or is this "working as designed" kind of thing? I don't want to get worse replacement.. everything is working fine except this annoying scrolling noise.


I never had any hardware problems with corsair products in the past.. but now I'm getting very disappointed with two bought items.

We also have crazy high shipping costs for sending packages like these abroad in my country.. so RMA it with Corsair is not really an option for me.

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I have the exact same problem. I've now had two different M65 Pro mice and they both have the rough/noisy scrolling up problem. If you're worried about it then just wait a few days and your sniper button will possibly break too and then this problem will pale by comparison.


I've had six Corsair products now and all of them should have failed quality control. I assume there is a quality control anyway, maybe not, maybe that's the problem.

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