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Carbide 540 - 2.5" Cage Arrived Damaged


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I just received my Carbide 540 case and one of the tabs for the drives in the plastic 2.5" drive bay cage was broken off when I unboxed it. The shipping box didn't appear to be damaged at all suggesting rough treatment by the courier though I would think this would be something that should be packed to better mitigate damage. Nothing else appears to be worse for the wear.

I don't see a way to buy a replacement cage (not that I should have to mind you)...it's not listed in the accessories.:confused:


This is probably my 5th Corsair case (currently have a Carbide 600Q) and this is the only one I've ever received damaged.


BTW, would love to have bought the 740 but no 5.25" bays (I watch Blu-rays on this computer) so no bueno. However, that omission resolves my biggest design gripe about the 540 - the 5.25" drive bays are in the way when doing a build and are a pain to remove. Oh, a fan speed switch would've been nice too.

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