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a potato

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Hmm thanks for asking this question! i was wondering the same thing too!

will it make ur LEDs last longer if you switched them off like during the day when you didnt need any backlighting?


I know its a waste that one buys fancy RGB kb and turn off the lights but hey i want my LEDs to last longer!

Already went thru 1 RMA with my classic K70 RGB some LED not lighting up a certain color but hey... u never know. :laughing:

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While old, This response may help answer your question.


No, the life span of the LED doesn't decrease because its changing colors. The lifespan of a LED is based on how many hours it stays lit. We also use high quality LED (RGB functionality requires it) so you can be assured it'll last a long time. We're not using the LEDs found on a Christmas tree, for example.

Source: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=838527&postcount=3

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