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[Corsair Link] Spinning down after temp dropping below threshold?


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Hi guys,


I recently bought a new machine and installed a H80i v2 and until yesterday was having pretty high temps until I installed the Corsair link software and set it to performance setting. Now I am getting the most out of my fans and the average temp under load has dropped 20c, so I am pretty stoked.


I just had a couple of questions regarding the application. I believe I may be setting it up incorrectly.


The overall profile I am using is performance, then for each of the cores and package (under notification) I have set max value to 70c and the set all fans to 100%.


I get the desired outcome of when the Cores jump above 70c the h80i spins up to 100% and all is fine, however after closing the stress test and the temp drops, the fans remain at 100% until I click "restore temp" in corsair link.


also, what does the min and max values mean under "notifications"? I can't find information anywhere.


Thanks in advance!

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well a separate question then -


Will it hurt the H80i if I run the pump all day at 2800 (full) and the fan around 2k? I dont really care if it stops working in 1-2 years as I will go buy something else, I just dont want it to fail or wear out in 3 months?!

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