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Confuseder and confuseder


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The more I read, the confuseder I get.


My Gigabyte motherboard has 2 256mb DDR-SDRAM simms (according to SiSandra), and I want to increase my memory to 1 gb. However I read that I must match these simms EXACTLY--well Sandra reports that the simm I am using is 256MB DDR-SDRAM 2.0-D-D-6CL ICMD. (Whew! who dreams up these things?)


The point is I can't find an exact match for that, so

- do I just buy all new simms?

- do I buy any old 2x256 DDR-SDRAM simms?

- can i add a 512mb DDR-SDRAM simm?

- or (as I am inclined to do) just let it be. The cure is worse than the disease! :(:

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