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Pre-POST failure with MSI X99S and CMK16GX4M4B3000C15


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I put together a new system in Feb. 2015 with specs listed in my profile and 16 GB (4x4) RAM. Everything was fine until Sept. 2016, when I had some program crashes. I went to reboot the system and it wasn't shutting down, so I hard cycled the power. At that point, nothing came up. Blank screen, no system beeps, no POST codes, nothing.


After a lot of Googling I figured out that it was likely a problem with memory, so I removed all components (video, USB, HDD, etc.) and was able to get the system to boot with 2 of the 4 DIMMs. I put in for an RMA with Corsair and got the replacement DIMMs. I put each stick through the Windows 10 memory integrity check individually and then all 4 together and all passed. So far, so good.


Fast forward to beginning of Dec. 2016. Same symptoms recur. This time, however, I am getting inconsistent behavior when trying out different combinations of RAM. I had been able to get a successful POST involving all four of the DIMMs, but it won't work with all 4.


I do not have any overclocking customization in place.


I have filed for the RMA, but I am worried that this may only be addressing the symptom and not the problem.


Does anyone have thoughts/advice on how to discern whether I have a memory problem vs. a motherboard problem?


For reference, I have found mention of others having similar problems on NewEgg and Amazon reviews:



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