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Corsair Void Wireless 7.1 RGB Buzz Sound


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Hi everyone,


I bought this headphone from Amazon, always buzz problem leftside from headset.


My operating system Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit ( all drivers and windows updated)


I updated last Corsair Utility engine and installed lastest firmware for headset.


Trying different usb ports but my problem not solved. Everytime I hear zzzzzz or same sound.


Could you help me? Thanks.

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i have the exactly same issue as yours, RGB white/wireless/amazon, i tried on my PC(win7-64,X99) and PS4 with latest firmware. So i asked the customer service, and they requested another USB dongle for replacement, Now I'm waiting for the shipment. but still, I'm not sure if it's the dongle's problem.
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I'm having the same problem also. It's not a loud buzz and I've been trying to live with it but it has become even more irritating. Did anyone find a fix for this?


It's strange, as when I turn my head the noise vanishes as though it is interference, and then comes back. However I have tried it on several computers in several buildings and always the same problem, so I do think it perhaps *might* be a dongle problem?



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