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K70 LUX doesn't connect to PC


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I got my K70 LUX in the mail today and I immediately tried setting it up.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to work in any way. I tried different setups for the cables (arrows first, then keyboard). I tried only the keyboard in a 3.0 USB slot. I tried a different PC. The keyboard just doesn't seem to do anything.


I installed the software beforehand since that was what the manual read.


I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong here.


To be clear:

  • No connection with PC whatsoever
  • No lights are starting to blink
  • Can't enter BIOS (tried BIOS mode as well)
  • Tried 2 PC's (I got it for my laptop, but tried on my desktop as well)


Also, I am willing to call Corsair for this. The phone number provided doesn't seem to work for me sadly. I'm from The Netherlands if any of you have a number (or prefix) that I need to use I'd like to hear it!

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Do you have the possibility to try the keyboard on another computer? If it doesn't work even there it might be an hardware issue.


As for the number, you can try calling it using Skype.


As stated, I already tried it on a different PC.



Called Corsair, probably a hardware issue so gotta return it.

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Try this:


- Uninstall CUE

- Remove /uninstall all HID Keyboards from device manager

- Turn off PC

- Set BIOS switch to 1

- Plug it in

- Boot up computer

- Once into windows, unplug from USB 3 and plug back in or into another USB 3

- Even if no lights, see if basic keys work for typing

- Install CUE

- Open CUE

- Click settings cog

- See if you can open firmware updater for the keyboard

- Update firmware


Any luck?

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