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Customs Profiles don't load after importing


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Hello and thank you for the help in advance.


I just bought the keyboard and I'm having a couple of problems out of the box with CUE.


1. Even though I have the latest version, if I click check for updates I get an error that says "Corsair Utility Engine has detected an error during software update check". I'm assuming this will be a problem when there actually is a new version to update to.


2. When I look up custom profiles that others have made I get a couple of issues.

- A small number of profiles just don't preview when I clock on them

- The ones that do work and I try to import do not load anymore after importing. The keyboard either doesn't turn on any lights or something completely random loads under that profile. When I check the details of the profiles that I imported I see that all the components/layers did load it just one color or some other simple things that has nothing to do with the prewview.

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