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CUE 2 troubles....


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I just upgraded to CUE 2 and for the life of me can not figure out this god forsaken software....even CUE 1 was a PITA. Why the hell cant the rules to do things follow standard guidelines (click button, do this action.....click color, apply to this key/button......SAVE) for idiots?


I consider myself pretty damn computer savvy, have built several computers myself...gone through a **** ton of different mice and keyboards with numerous software, but this CUE software is just ridiculous. I have a Strafe RGB, and Scimitar and I cant get any color scheme I want to save, I cant seem to any key remap to stick properly....why the hell does this software seem so *** backwards and complicated?


Trying to set G keys 3 and 6 to be Mouse Forward and Mouse Backward respectively and only one will save when I set it.......I cant seem to get two colors to save on my Strafe, it seems to be all or some....not both.


Is there an idiots guide to using this software...I'm apparently an idiot and cant blindly figure out this POS.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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As there is no SAVE, make sure to create a new action before selecting what it is and binding it to the new location.


Example: Define G3 key to be mouse forward. NOW, before doing anything else, create a new action and bind that to G6 key, defining it to be mouse backward.


If you immediately pressed mouse backward after defining G3, you would see that G3 is getting redefined before you can set up G6....

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