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CMX512-3200LLPT K8V Deluxe Errors


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As stated in the title, I have a CMX512-3200LLPT running on K8V Deluxe. The memory is running at DDR400 with Auto timings 2-3-2-6.


MemTest fails on tests 4 and 7 after a number of passes. The errors at least seem to be occurring at the same memory addresses. Prime95 almost always fails in the first test, though on occasion it will run for over an hour before failing.


Here is where things get odd and I am looking for advice.


Increasing DDR voltage worsens the problem. Using Auto voltage, I have the most stable results ( if you can call them stable ). Instability increases with voltage with 2.8v being the most unstable. I know at one time I saw another post with this problem, but I can no longer locate it. Either I attempted the solution suggested and it did not solve the problem or the memory was returned; I do not remember which.


I originally believed this may be a PSU issue, and I have since purchased an Antec 430w TruePower. Voltages are much more consistent with this PSU, never varying by more than 5%, so I believe this is not the issue.


Loosening the timings on the memory also seems to have no effect.


Unfortunately, I have no way to test this memory on another motherboard.


I am looking for any advice anyone could offer. Thanks.

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With what you have posted, I would make sure that you have the latest bios and then load setup defaults and test the modules one at a time if you have more than one and if you install 2 modules in this MB they should be in slots 1-3 or 2-3. If you still have problems, I would test the modules on another system if you can to isolate the memory from your system. That could be a failing memory controller in the CPU!
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