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Original H100i - Does the hardware need updating?


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I bought the H100i shortly after it came out, back in December 2012. Initially there were firmware issues with the fan control and many users were having problems. I experienced the same fan problems, but my unit also failed completely. I RMA'd it and received a new unit, but I never installed it because I was waiting for the firmware issue to be resolved. I installed another cooler in the meantime but never followed up with the H100i...so it sat on the shelf all these years still the shrink wrap.


I'd like to finally install it on my machine, but I am wondering if any of the hardware needs to be updated. If I remember correctly, besides the new firmware the other fix to the original H100i was replacement PWM fans. But I could be wrong. The model number is CW-9060009-WW. I submitted a ticket to Corsair about a week ago but haven't received a response yet.


If anyone has some info it would be appreciated!

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Good to know, I thought it just a matter of running the newest version of CL...I couldn't find anything about firmware updates on the website.


I'll try to dig up the old thread I saw that talked about people getting sent replacement fans.

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Corsair was able to exchange my older unit for a newer unit. Same model number, but I assumed everything that needed to be updated was.


Got it installed today and right away noticed the fans were producing a really annoying buzz...definitely sounds like PWM noise and isn't normal. Double checked the mounting and it is not a vibration anywhere. The fans are plugged in to the H100i unit.


I'm running the latest version of CL, but I found out the firmware on the H100i is only 1.0.5. Seems a bit outdated since the current version is 1.1.3. So I wonder if the fan noise is a result of the old firmware...or if it is the fans itself.


As a quick check I'm going to plug the fans into the mobo to see if that quiets the fans. EDIT: I plugged the fans into the mobo and used the mobo fan controller (ASUS Fan Xpert). Same fan buzzing. So I guess that rules out the H100i as being the cause. Sounds more like they are just crappy fans, which I do remember seeing a couple forums posts about. I was hoping Corsair would have updated the fans to something more decent but it is looking like I'll have to buy my own. Maybe some SP120 quiet editions.


Also, at idle the fans occasionally speed up and then slow back down to nominal speed. Not sure if this is normal or not. For example, it goes from 1275, speeds up to 1600 for a couple seconds, then goes back down. It probably isn't a big deal, I just notice it more because of the fans buzzing.


Any thoughts on either issue?

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