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RM850x Coil Whine When Under Load.


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So I completed my build yesterday and have two issues I'm trying to solve.

Issue 1: The pump for the watercooler makes a slight clicking/buzzing sound.

Issue 2: Whenever a game is running or brief moments of opening different applications, I hear coil whine. It's worse when in games. I've tried a different GPU which didn't have the issue on my old PC and the problem persists... I''m 100% sure it's the PSU.


Any known fixes?

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What water cooler are you using? The buzzing is likely normal, but the clicking could be a problem.


As far as the coil whine goes, while i'm sure it'd be a hassle, you could disassemble the computer and run it outside of the case with the PSU situated as far away from the rest of the components as the cables will allow. That way, you can listen to it specifically to verify that it's the PSU and not some loose fan or busy SSD.

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