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New K70 Lux Media & Backlight Keys Not Working.. Tried everything


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Just got K70 Lux Cherry MX Red after replacing my K70 Vengence. Never had CUE with old keyboard and all keys worked as expected.


For the new keyboard, backlight key has no function, as well as media keys. Mute button wasn't working, but randomly is working now. Volume bar always worked.


I've gone through and troubleshooted everything in the forum. Restarted computer a few times, tried different USB ports, flipped switch at top of keyboard, checked human interface device (restarted although it was running), installed newest CUE and updated keyboard firmware, uninstalled CUE and tried installing old version, tried on wife laptop (both ports) to no avail, updated bios... I think I've covered it all, and nothing has worked.


As an FYI, when I uninstall CUE, keyboard stays lit with no way to turn lights off. Installed, lights default off and I can turn them on only by manually using CUE to turn lights on/off.


RMA time with Amazon?

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