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damaged side panel


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hi. i recently stepped on the side panel of my white 780T (the solid one) and it is no longer workable. Im from australia and there is no option i have found to be able to purchase a replacement side panel. the corsair shop wont let me. no suppliers in Australia i have contacted can help me.


do i submit an RMA?? what do i do??

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almost two weeks later and all i got was someone from "sorry we aren't available in your country, i'll transfer you to the webstore" and then the webstore saying "sorry its not availible, try calling the webstore"


urgh.. not helpful in the slightest.

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6 months later... nothing.

i cannot buy from the web store because doesn't ship to australia


i cannot buy using the australia post office located in america because corsair canceled my order once they found out it was a re-direction service.


i cannot buy from any store in the country because no one sells parts.


SOMEONE TAKE MY MONEY.... i just want new panels.. WHY IS IT SO HARD?

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