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Setting up 3200LLpro


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Hey all i was hoping someone here could help me out, as im a complete newbie on this subject :o:


I wanted to know what latencies my ram should operate at, and if they are running at there best (hardcore OC excluded) -


2x Twinx 3200LLPro - 512mb each - dual channel

Running 146.7MHz at fsb:dram 3:2 - 2.0-4-4-8


My system -

Asus p4c800-E delux - intel 875p

p4 3.0 (running at 3.3) northwood - fsb 220MHz


Doesnt quite seem right to me, but what do i know :confused:


Corsair produc sheet mentions 200MHz - 2-3-2-6, but i thought i better ask, some1 who knows about thise things before i fry anything :sunglasse


Thanks in advance

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Well that depends on what you wish to achieve... You're using the 3:2 divider making your CPU faster than your memory. It's your call, BUT I personally prefer 1:1 because memory bandwidth is far more important than CPU clock. The beauty of it all is using 1:1 and overclocking the FSB making both the CPU & memory faster...


So go in your bios, find the menu that's named something like "Advanced Chipset Features" & Do the following :


Find the divider that's at 3:2 & put it back to 1:1

put CPU external frequency to [200 MHz] at first.

put Memory timings at [OPTIMAL] : make sure that they are at 2-3-2-6 200MHz

Then start if you like, overclocking. Basic idea is only touching the cpu external frequency by small increments, thus making both the cpu & memory go up at the same time...


So, like I said a few points at a time testing everytime with

MEMTEST86 as you go along...


Hope this helped!

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Ah yes it did thx alot, seemed the overclocking slowed my system down more then it helped (so much for there build-in easy oc feature). Got a 1:1 ration now and 200 points more in 3Dmark05, despite being back to 3.0GHz :roll:


Anyway thxa lot, guess my next project will be to get a "working" oc =)

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