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H100i v2 Fan speeds


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I'm a little confused with the way corsair link reports my fan speeds.


In link, I have the h100i v2 fan speeds generally reporting in the range of 1000rpm - 2400rpm. All my other case fans seem to report correctly. And then there's this other fan being reported as Motherboard Fan 1, which in hwinfo actually comes back as the cpu fan and it generally sits at around 1000rpm.


Is there some sort of mini fan inside the corsair block on top of the cpu that I'm not aware of? I'm trying to figure out what this mystery fan actually is.


I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

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Here is the corsair link home screen and case picture. MB Fan 2 is actually a phanteks hub and includes two 140mm front intake fans and one 140mm exhaust, which in theory should all be operating at about the same RPM. Aside from the two radiator fans there are no other case fans installed so I'm not sure where the numbers from MB Fan 1 are coming from. The rpm value of mb fan 1 isn't half of the radiator fans but when I change to performance mode it does seem to jump from 1000 to 1400.



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