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Water Cooler H105


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  • 1 month later...
Good night, I`d recently bought a Corsair H105 WC, and I read that the newest AMD socket (AM4) will not be compatible with the previous coolers used in AM3. Is that true? Will corsair sell a adapter kit? Thanks for your attention.


I am also curious about this, as I have recently bought an H100i V2 and hope to be able to use it for Ryzen. If not, I guess I'll either have to turn the AIO back to my dealership or go for Intel.


I'd rather keep both the H100i V2 and my Ryzen plans, though.

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hello, I too have recently bought a cooler (h105) and would like to know when the new bracket will be a available?


PS, I always buy corsair, I own over £600 of kit alone on this build and have just over £1k set aside for a new build when ryzen comes out. I was thinking of upgrading my case to accommodate a custom water loom. but for now it would be nice to use my h105 or I'll have to save money and buy a different brand :(

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