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Keyboard lower key positions


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I have just bought the KB95 RGB. I m not Wizard at computers but can find my way around. I will be glad when there is a KB95 Guide released and a manual that will explain the assigning of the G keys, but that is another subject.


Anyhow, I was able to learn enough to change my keyboard lights so all are now a Blue color which is what I prefer. MY problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the lower portions of the keys to be lit up. The top portions are all lit.


Example: at the top fo keyboard the !@#$% row is lit fine, but directly below on the key, the 12345 portions are not. How do you get both lit? Same holds true for the "< and ," keys also other ones where you have two characters on the same keycap.


Any help would be nice at this point.



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