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So I noticed some corrosion on my k65 today, not quite sure about how it happened or what im gonna do now. Its still under warranty but they would most likely not cover it. Last i checked all the keys were working fine but the leds are having issues. If i try to connect the 2nd usb cable windows says that the device has malfunctioned. Pretty upset as this was my first mechanical keyboard and I was supposed to send this back to corsair a week ago for key repeat problems, that time the keyboard was working fine along with the leds.


Feeling bummed out now and totally clueless about what to do next. Not sure if its even ok to leave it like that, wouldn't it get worse?

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Its on the right arrow key, if you look carefully inside its housing you'll be able to spot it. I marked it in the picture below.




Also Ive been plugging both the cables in the usb 3 ports. I have an Asus Z97 AR 1150.


This is the first time i've seen this. Submit a RMA and get a replacement.

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